Staycations That Will Have You Feeling Like You’re A Million Miles Away

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September marks the end of summer and demands routines and tight schedules again. It’s one crazy, busy month. We know that it’s no easy task to just pack up and jet off to a week-long holiday, especially when we are just getting back on track, which is why a short staycation is the perfect solution…A restful mini getaway will have you going strong for the next few months.

True Key Hotels & Resorts has a handful of gorgeous resorts with something for everyone.  Take your pick from soothing lakeshore walks to panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Bighorn Meadows Resort

Located in Radium Hot Springs, Big-horn got its name due to the abundant number of big-horn animals that roam the area. From sheep to goats, it’s wildlife viewing at its finest.  As we approach winter, these magnificent animals start to congregate in larger numbers and ‘headbang’. The rutting action has become so popular that an entire festival was created for it! It’s become iconic and you can witness the phenomenon right at our resort.

Or soak in the fresh air and escape to one of our surrounding ski hills, skating areas, snowmobile trails, and hiking trails. Whatever excursion you choose, you can bank on a cozy fall evening, complete with a hot cup of cocoa and the warmth of the fireplace toasting your toes. Only a 3-hour drive from Calgary and 2 to 2.5  hours from Vancouver (1 to 1.5 hour flight and 1 hr drive from Cranbrook)

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Harrison Beach Hotel
Harrison Lake is beautiful any time of year. While spring and summer highlight the glacier-fed aquamarine waters, fall and winter invite a more mystical quality as the fog gently hovers over the shore.  Only an hour and a half from Vancouver, and within 40 minutes from neighbouring Fraser Valley destinations, Harrison has been a choice destination for years. It’s about slowing down and enjoying the ‘hike, bike, and paddle’ experiences with forest hiking trails, countryside biking, and scenic kayaking. In fact, the salmon run starts soon, inviting tens of thousands of bald eagles. And, the hot springs will have you recharging in healing goodness. Choose a lakefront room, grab your favourite book, and soak it all in.

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Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina
5-star fishing, golfing, wildlife and whale-watching tours, kayaking, beachcombing, and year-round hiking are at the core of a Sooke stay.  Diverse natural appeal surrounds Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina. The community has small-town charm, and friendly breweries and eateries. It’s a place ‘where everyone knows your name’.  Even as a tourist, locals love to have conversation and, by the end of the night, you’ll be leaving with a handful of new friends’ phone numbers and following them on social.

In the fall, the salmon return to Sooke Basin from their 4 to 5 year ocean journey, spawning in local streams. Just like in Harrison, the eagles come to feast on the salmon. You’ll see thousands of migratory birds, such as eagles and heron.

Hop on a 1.5 hr ferry ride from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay and then drive just a quick 45-minute drive to Sooke.

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SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort

Some fifty million plus years ago, molten lava flowed south into the Salish Sea, forming a solid rock peninsula that, today, we call SookePoint. The ocean garden attracts an abundance of salmon and magnificent marine mammals.

Sookepoint Ocean Cottage Resort is perched right on this spot, offering stunning cliffside panaromic views of the ocean.  In fact, only 16 ft away! The luxurious Yacht Suites and 1 and 2-bedroom cottages  are fully equipped units with kitchens, deep-soaker tubs, nautical prow-shaped decks, and floor to ceiling windows.

We’re talking about a 5-star experience at cost-effective prices! Be sure to grab your groceries the moment you arrive in Sooke because the moment you open the doors at SookePoint, we guarantee that you won’t be leaving anytime soon.  Take a peek!

Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort
You’ll definitely feel ‘parked’ in Parksville with it being Vancouver Island chilling at its best. This is a renowned destination for families and zoomers (baby boomers that love to zoom!) Long, endless walks where nobody is checking the time, birdwatching, and beachcombing for sand dollars will occupy your days. A fall ocean boat ride or fishing trip is always available and hot spots like Coombs Village add a bit of buzz. Or stay in your housecoat and enjoy the amenities on site at Sunrise Ridge. Your hardest choice will be to choose the hot tub or stay in suite and enjoy the ocean views.  Just 25-minute flight from Vancouver to Nanaimo and then a 15-20-minute drive to Parksville.

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We’re sure there’s a great fit for you among these resorts!

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