Corporate Business Travel with True Key Hotels & Resorts

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Set Up to Meet Your Needs

True Key Hotels & Resorts offer the perfect environment for corporate business travel with meeting spaces, fast Wi-Fi, and a variety of accommodation options. 

Why Choose True Key?

Bighorn Meadows Resort in Radium, B.C., is set up to accommodate both your business needs and your personal needs. Need to host a corporate event? Expert staff specialize in planning events for up to 40 people and can help ensure that your event runs smoothly. When you need a break from work, explore all that Radium has to offer. There are multiple local golf courses, hot springs, hiking trails, and more to explore!

Harrison Beach Hotel is a quick 90-minute drive from Vancouver, making it the perfect place to travel for a corporate retreat or work event. Perfect for a corporate retreat, workshop, or event, Harrison also offers lots of fun options to explore in your downtime. Professional staff can help ensure your event runs smoothly and that your itinerary is well balanced with work time and downtime. Check out our meeting and personal accommodations here


Looking to travel to the ocean for your corporate business event? True Key Hotels & Resorts has you covered with Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina and SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort. Sooke offers that charming small oceanside charm, and both True Key properties offer the perfect environment for corporate events and retreats. For a more intimate retreat, SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort cottages can accommodate up to 10 people. Need a more formal space? Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina has you covered with formal meeting rooms for up to 12 participants. In your downtime, Sooke offers amazing wilderness to explore, both on the ocean, and in the woods. It also has a variety of amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and more to check out!


Vancouver Island is the perfect destination for corporate business travel, as it offers beautiful and quiet places for your team to relax, such as the Sandpiper meeting room at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort. This resort is located in Parksville, B.C. is perfect for larger corporate events as its main meeting room can accommodate up to 80 people. There is lots to explore in your downtime, and plenty of amenities perfect for relaxing with your team, such as outdoor fireplaces as well as indoor and outdoor pools.


Whether you’re hosting a small scale corporate business retreat or a more formal corporate business event, True Key Hotels & Resorts has you covered. Check out our site to find the perfect fit for you! 


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