Premium, Customized Hotel and Resort Management Services

One of the core functions of True Key Hotels & Resorts is to provide professional rental management services to our growing family of hotels and resorts. We provide each individual property with customized support, working diligently with property owners of strata titled resort condominiums to deliver premium results in all aspects of hotel and resort management – from sales, marketing, and administration to guest services, housekeeping, and maintenance – in order to meet and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders


Our dedicated staff of qualified resort management professionals employs state-of-the-art marketing technology, and a partnership approach with each owner, to keep owner properties visible and competitive in the sales and rental marketplace.

Experienced, hands-on marketing specialists at our hotel management company work diligently to capitalize on the competitive advantages of each hotel or resort, target efforts, and carefully measure each initiative for success.

The following are the primary marketing strategies that we use to grow rental revenue and enhance each hotel or resort brand:

  • Internet Marketing: we’ll make sure your website and booking engine are state of the art, as easy to find as they are to use. We partner with Global Distribution Systems and key third party travel marketing companies such as Expedia and to optimize reach, and we utilize social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and TripAdvisor to manage and enhance our brands and offers. We also use mobile, email, and pay per click marketing campaigns, all with an eye to optimizing search engine results.
  • Database Development: we are continually growing our databases through guest histories, prize draws, social media, consumer shows, and other internal programs. We then use this database to market our resorts, targeting our communications in a multitude of ways (region, age, interest, and so on) to strategically build business year round.
  • Incentive Programs: we offer enticements to owners to refer rental guests.
  • Relationship Building: we nurture relationships with local businesses and Destination Marketing Organizations in the communities in which we operate.
  • Focused Print Advertising: given that print advertising is expensive and difficult to track, we only invest in proven industry-related magazines and newspapers.
  • Sales Calls: our sales people visit most major tourist information centers and travel agents in key markets at least once per year. Relationships are cultivated at these facilities to ensure brochures and other promotional materials are featured in prominent positions and stocks are maintained.
  • Trade Shows: we attend numerous consumer and wholesale trade shows each year to promote our hotels and resorts. Some of the shows we have attended in the past have included Canada’s West Marketplace, Alberta Snowmobile Show, BC Boat & Sportsman Show, Washington Sportsman Show, and the West Coast Women’s Show.


Our capable rental management services team focuses on delivering the highest standard of administrative stability and fiscal responsibility for each of our properties. The daily and long-term health of each hotel and resort is True Key’s top priority. Energy and resources are thoughtfully invested. Top notch accounting procedures, judicious financial planning, and finely tuned investment savvy are combined with clear communication, regular reporting, and on-time distribution of owner revenue to protect property values and ensure owner confidence and satisfaction.

We offer flexible solutions in-house to meet each property’s needs. Our comprehensive, expert accounting services include:

  • Careful reserve fund planning
  • Timely and accurate financial reporting
  • Billing and collecting
  • Preparing of balance sheets and income/expense statements
  • Reconciling of bank statements
  • Periodic audits by a third party accounting firm

We have also cultivated valuable relationships with banks and suppliers to lower association costs.


First class guest services are the hallmark of True Key Hotels and Resorts’ management offerings. We are a thriving and respected business that delivers memorable vacation and vacation ownership opportunities, and the genuine care and comfort of our guests and owners is our highest priority. Our team of industry professionals shares a deep love of creating beautiful spaces in which to live and play, and guests will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined environment.

We have a passion to exceed the expectations of our guests through personalized, gracious, and friendly service, available 24 hours (depending on location), and our staff is eager to assist guests in any way possible. Our premier service begins with efficient and courteous assistance in booking a reservation, is followed by a warm welcome at check-in, and continues throughout a guest’s stay – from concierge services to housekeeping, family events, and even local activity discounts.


Maintaining the physical assets of our hotel and resort properties is a critically important rental management service that we provide. Our maintenance mission is to provide conscientious and comprehensive care of each hotel or resort in a manner that contains costs, maximizes property values, and allows us to be confident in the character of the professionals we hire and in the quality of their work.

True Key’s superior team of skilled maintenance technicians performs regular property inspections with a keen eye to cost containment through routine and preventive maintenance. Any major repair projects or improvements performed by sub-contractors are preceded by a judicious and thorough bidding process and all work is carefully supervised and inspected.