Fostering Sustainability

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At True Key Hotels & Resorts, we do everything we can to support the environment. With Earth Day coming up April 22, 2020, and in celebration of our planet, here are a few actions we take daily at our hotel and resort properties to play our part in fostering sustainability.

Compost and Recycling 

Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina and SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort take part in the Sooke composting programs, saving food scraps and other compostable materials to lower the amount of waste for each property. Other properties, including Bighorn Meadows ResortHarrison Beach Hotel and Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, kicked off recycling programs, ensuring that bottles, papers and plastics are properly recycled. We also ask our guests to do the same in their suites, providing recycling receptacles in each unit.

Water Awareness 

At all True Key properties, we focus on conserving water and energy. Each suite features low-flow toilets, sinks and showers in order to reduce water usage. Each low-flow toilet saves 15, 000 gallons of water each year! Similarly, a low-flow showerhead can reduce 15 gallons of water from each 10-minute shower. True Key has also implemented towel reuse programs at most of its properties to reduce the amount of laundry done and water usage daily. Guests are asked to only request towel replacement when needed. 


Our housekeeping staff use environmentally sensitive cleaning products, for the health of our planet, our guests, their children and their pets. Removing unnecessary toxins and unpleasant chemicals from our cleaning procedures has reduced the pollution added to our water and indoor air

Paper and Printing 

True Key and each property’s front desk and administration team endeavour to reduce workplace waste with some simple strategies: using recycled paper, recycling all materials, and going digital! We also use printers and copiers that are energy-star certified, and double-sided print wherever possible. 

True Key’s marketing efforts focus on e-marketing and providing digital copies of promotional materials, including confirmation and followup communication. 

Sustainable Landscaping

We carefully choose plants, their placement and any fertilizer with sustainability in mind. Ensuring our physical spaces are environmentally thoughtful is paramount when designing and maintaining our landscaping at each property. 


At True Key, we support reusing items whenever possible. We donate unused items, like shampoo, condition, lotions, linen, computers and furniture to social services programs. Through these initiatives we not only reduce the amount of waste, but also to support our larger communities.   

With all these actions, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint and volume of waste that each True Key property produces. What are some of the ways that you are supporting the environment and our beautiful planet?

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