5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe when Travelling on a Road Trip

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If you plan on bringing your pet on a road trip this season, there are several factors to consider before you hit the road.  

Keep reading for 5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe When Travelling on a Road Trip.

Make Arrangements Before You Go

Call the hotels you’ll be staying at in advance to ensure they allow pets before you arrive. Hotels might advertise they’re pet-friendly, but often have restrictions on weight limits, number of animals you can bring, or other guidelines like not being allowed to leave your dog in the room unattended. To avoid any surprises, it’s best to call ahead and find out all the hotel’s pet policies so you won’t have to find another last-minute place to stay. 

Our pet-friendly properties you’ll want to check out along the way are Harrison Beach Hotel, SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort and Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina.


Pack Extra Items To Keep Your Pet Warm

If temperatures dip below freezing, consider providing your pet an extra thermal layer. Cat and dog sweaters might look goofy at first, but they’re a great way to help keep your pet cozy in colder environments. In icy and snowy conditions, dog snow boots will protect their paws from ice-melting products or deicers, which can sometimes harm their paws and be toxic if ingested. 

When choosing dog apparel or cat apparel for your winter travels, be mindful of fabrics that are prone to snag, like wool or other knits. Be sure you have chosen the right material and fit so your pet can comfortably move around, get in and out of the car, carrier, or kennel, and relax while on the road.

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

We recommend you always pack extra pet food and water in the event your travels are interrupted due to bad weather, car problems or getting stuck in winter traffic. If your pet takes any prescription pet medication, be sure to bring extra meds just in case your stay is unexpectedly extended. Carrying copies of their most recent vaccinations is also important in case their health takes a turn.

Other non-essentials that often come in handy are extra towels and blankets, their dog bed or cat bed from home, and their favourite dog toy or cat toy for some entertainment on those longer stretches.

Pit Stops and Pet Safety During Your Travels

Plan lots of pit stops to give your pet breaks from car travel. You’ll want to incorporate these breaks into your overall travel time and stop every few hours for potty breaks, some exercise, and a chance to explore the environment. Never leave your pet unattended at pit stops in case they attempt to run away, onto the road or even the possibility of pet theft. Be sure they have up-to-date identification tags with your contact information just in case. 

Another thing to consider is to be aware of how long you spend outdoors with your pet. Frostbite and hypothermia can occur if your pet is exposed to cold temperatures for too long. A good rule of thumb – if it’s far too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your pet. If your pet ever shows signs of struggling to cope with the cold, bring them inside immediately and into a warm cozy environment.

When You Arrive At Your Destination

When you reach your destination or hotel room, you’ll want to set up a comfortable space for your pet with familiar smells from home. Things like their dog bed or cat bed, toys, blankets, or their kennel and travel carriers all work well in this instance. 

For cats, you’ll want to set up their cat litter box. There are some handy travel-sized litter boxes on the market you can get so you aren’t hauling around the one from home. Pack extra cat litter as well. 

Remember – while pets are great companions on road trips, they aren’t exactly self-sufficient or able to vocalize their needs. Be sure to check in with your furry friend often and everyone will enjoy the ride. Contact us directly to reserve your pet-friendly stay. 

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