Visiting a True Key Resort from the United States

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Looking for a getaway to explore what beautiful British Columbia, Canada, has to offer? Or perhaps you need a quiet retreat to work on a major project? True Key Resorts are the perfect Canadian destination for you! 

Driving Across The Border

If you plan on driving to your True Key destination, planning when and where you cross the border will ensure a smooth trip. Check out the different border crossings here, and ensure that you have your passport ready to go.

Flying Across The Border

When flying into Canada, you will be required to show your passport before boarding the flight and then go through customs upon arrival. There is an app that can help ensure that this is a speedy process called ArriveCan. Set up your profile before flying to ensure things move quickly!

Which True Key Resort Is Best For You?

True Key Resorts have a variety of beautiful locations available, offering a variety of beautiful scenery and wilderness to explore at each! 

Bighorn Meadows Resort is located in Radium, B.C., in close proximity to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. When visiting Radium, you have a high likelihood of seeing a bighorn sheep, hence the resort name! The closest major airport is Calgary B.C., and the drive from Calgary to Radium offers beautiful scenery and smooth roads. 

Harrison Beach Hotel, in Harrison, B.C., is a short drive from Vancouver. Famous for its naturally occurring hot springs, and beautiful wilderness. This is a great location if you’re looking to get out of the city, but still stay near it for convenience, meetings etc. 

Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina and Sookepoint Ocean Cottage Resort are located in beautiful Sooke, B.C. on Vancouver Island. Sooke is just over an hour drive from Victoria International Airport, so it’s easy to get to, but it also offers a charming small town feeling. If you’re driving, there are a variety of different ways to access the island here. Staying in Sooke is ideal if you’re looking to get out fishing or enjoy some hiking. 

Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort is a stunning destination in Parksville, B.C. on Vancouver Island. Parksville is famous for its expansive, beautiful beaches and proximity to beautiful old growth forests. If you’re looking to relax and stay close to the resort, there are a wide variety of amenities to help make your stay comfortable and fun. 

The possibilities for relaxation and adventure are endless with True Key Resorts. Reach out to our expert staff today to book your stay!

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