Our Key People

True Key’s Hotel and Resort Management Team

TKHR employs a team of between 100 and 150 employees (depending on the season). These team members bring a variety of skills to the table and the positions they fill include roles in, accounting, administration, sales & marketing, housekeeping, guest services, grounds keeping and repairs & maintenance.

Michael Anderson – President

Michael is a successful entrepreneur and manager with 20 years professional business development and management experience.  Career experience includes condo style resort management, food & beverage business development, full service hotel management, luxury resort condo development and the ongoing management of over 15 luxury condo style resorts in Canmore, Kelowna, Osoyoos, Banff, Parksville, Radium Hot Springs, Harrison Hot Springs, Sooke and Belize. His primary accountabilities include the development and oversight of the resort rental programs, owner association management and the financial and legal structures of the resorts. Additional accountabilities include consulting developers on legal structure, resort development and corporate structure.

JoAnne Silgailis – CGA Controller

As a dedicated member of the True Key Hotels & Resorts team, Joanne has been involved with TKHR and its affiliates for over 12 years. She brings a senior level of accounting and managerial skills as well as a strong understanding of vacation properties and operating efficiencies. She currently oversees the daily accounting of 5 owners associations, 6 resorts and 1 hotel and provides clarity and leadership to all accounting functions. Prior to working with TKHR, Joanne worked at various vacation and resort management companies as a controller and brings over 20 years of combined experience.

Katie Wallace – Director of Sales & Marketing

Katie joined the True Key Hotels & Resorts team in the summer of 2011. With a background in real estate and over 12 years in the hospitality industry, she is focused on applying her knowledge to build strong customer relationships. Her responsibilities include development and implementation of sales and marketing initiatives for all TKHR properties as well as the effective management of all marketing and advertising mediums.